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Monday, May 28, 2007

Bohol's Hanging Bridge

Across the upper part of the Loboc River in Bohol is a hanging bamboo bridge that is a major tourist attraction.

This bridge hangs approximately 20 meters above the Loboc River and sways back and forth as you walk across.

This bridge over the Loboc river connects the village on the other side to the world and it's quite fun doing the walk... This is seldom part of a tour program.


chelle said...

ndi ko 2 napuntahan ung nasa bohol ako last dec 09 lng.. sayang kc gabi na.. nxt tym nalang din.. ^__^

Diane said...

Ive been here once.. super nyc.. and yet super scary when ur in the middle already.. it seems like its going to break anytime.. ahehe.. bt its worth it because once you've crossed the other side of the bridge. there are a lot of souvenirs that you can buy.. im comming bak in this place this first wik of feb with my clasm8s for out tour.. im super xctd :D

carlo quijano said...

its fun wen u go der in hanging bridge>>> becuz there is a crocodile down the river.......... ehhehhehe jowk!